What is Fokai FSHARP? | Good Vibrations. Resonate.

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Fokai FSHARP | Good Vibrations. Resonate.

All throughout history from stories of the famous and fabled Atlantis to the Great Pyramid of Giza, and with places ancient civilizations in between, FSharp has been noted as a frequency and vibration that would send positive and productive energy throughout the land and to the cosmos.

Cultivating elements of the oldest island chain of the Pacific. F Sharp is the Mariana Island’s celebration of island life

Developed in the warm tropical climate and water-based lifestyle of the people of Micronesia,  From the workplace to the impact zone, We have synergised a performance-driven and fashion-forward product as Guam and the Mariana Islands contribution for positively rooted Island Luxury Goods.

Good Vibrations. Resonate.


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Slinging Rocks: The Heritage Cup 2020

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Slinging basics lesson and Some wordsin for the past, presnet, and future of Guam slinging and its conection to the 500th year anniversary commemoration of Pacific Islad mass contact with European Explorers


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Tone Anderson feeling sad.

Rest in Paradise Scotty Dingas… Now you can go where ever you want, how fast you want, popping wheelies the whole damn way, where no humans can knock you off your scoot. I know Luka and Eric got you at the gates and we will all meet again one day my brother. Journey well… I’ll miss you being here but I’ll always know you are with me.

Yo…. if you trained with or knew this dude shout him out, put him in your prayers, or tip a 40 to him. He was one of the OG SoCal Project boys and dedicated his life to Muay Thai and Motorcycles… he will always be remembered.

Love you Scotty.


ABUSQUE AB AETERNO: Whats the meaning of Fokai by Pale Eric

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Captain Fokai Grotto Saipan

Years ago starting Fokai Industries sent a loud and mixed vibe through the community. Friends and family knew what we were aiming to create ambitious clothing company looking to give Guam quality representation abroad but most people focused on our practice of  (what was at the time ) real  fight-training. this led to the misconception that fokai was the title of a fight group and that this fight group ha bad intentions. Though the foundation purpose for Fokai had nothing to do with community disservice–the English likeness of the word and the words roots in heated situations sent a controversial vibe through the community .

Pale Eric, knowing our true intentions, wrote a half page article inte Voice of the People segment on the Pacific Daily News.

after several conversations with him years later, neither of us has been able to recover that article.

The followign has been copied and pasted from his blog ellaborating on that article written about 15 years ago.


Thanks Pale. Abusque Ab Aeterno


Article by: Pale Eric


Languages change.

And it doesn’t always take outside forces to make a language change.  Many changes are from within.

One example of this is the Chamorro word fåkkai.

For many years in the recent past, the word has been considered impolite. Older people will scold you for saying fåkkai in public conversation.

Ask an older person today what fåkkai means and they will say it means something along the lines of doing physical harm to someone; to demolish, tear apart and physically undo someone.

Yet….the grandparents of people today who consider the word fåkkai impolite in public conversation used the word without any shame or difficulty back in their day….because that older generation knew the original meaning of the word.

Case in point….Påle’ Roman Maria de Vera – a Spanish missionary priest considered more expert in the Chamorro language than many Chamorros of his own day (1915-1941). And it was Chamorro people who said that!

Påle’ Roman arrived on Guam in 1915 and immediately began learning Chamorro. And what kind of Chamorro was being spoken in 1915?

Well, suffice it to say that Padre Palomo, the first Chamorro priest, born in 1836, was still alive when Påle’ Roman arrived in 1915. Padre Palomo’s Chamorro would have been the Chamorro spoken in 1800, what he learned from his parents and grandparents. Padre Palomo was undoubtedly someone Påle’ Roman spoke Chamorro with till Palomo passed away in 1919.

Påle’ Roman published a Chamorro dictionary in 1932, but he certainly started compiling a list of Chamorro vocabulary many years before.

In that dictionary, Påle’ Roman defines fåkkai as “to distribute,” “to partition.”

One example is taken from the old Chamorro custom of dividing the catch after fishing.

“Ma fåkkai-ñaihon i sengsong ni guihan.”

“The people of the village were given a portion of the fish caught.”

So clearly was this original meaning of fåkkai in the minds of Chamorros that, in the 1920s or 1930s, Påle’ Roman used what many now consider an impolite word in one of his nobenas (devotional prayer book).

“Na’ gai fakkai yo’ nu i gråsia siha.”

“Give me a portion of graces.” Or, “Make me have a portion of graces.”

So, this is the original meaning of the word fåkkai. To distribute, to give people a portion of this or that.


So far, we’ve been dealing with facts. Now we move into speculation.

If fåkkai originally meant “to distribute portions,” then that involves the breaking apart of a whole.

The whole catch was broken down into portions in order to fåkkai the fish to the people in the village.

Perhaps this is where people formed the idea that to fåkkai is to break down, to break into parts or portions – no longer in order to distribute, but rather just to tear apart.

Thus, to fåkkai someone no longer meant to give that person his or her portion of something broken down, but rather to break apart the person him or herself.

Some people also use the word fåkkai when referring to mixing, by hand, different ingredients in cooking. This, too, is a breaking down of individual things in order to create a new thing out of the mix.


Whether we like it or not, a huge number of Chamorros have allowed the English language, not only to supplant their own language, but also to influence the way they think about their own vocabulary.

What Chamorro will not chuckle when they hear someone say, “That Mexican restaurant is good. I love their chili.” Only the younger, or highly Americanized, Chamorro, will not get the reference.

Because the Chamorro word fåkkai sounds so close to an English curse word, I believe fåkkai gained even more negativity among a new generation of Americanized Chamorros; Americanized in the sense that they let English influence the way they think even about Chamorro words that have no relation to English.

This mind set probably came about in the 1950s, and definitely by the 1960s.


Fast forward to our own times.

In the 1990s, a young man named Roman dela Cruz decided to market a brand of his own creation. It wasn’t just clothing; his brand was closely associated with martial arts on Guam and beyond.

He gave the word fåkkai a new meaning; his own. He had a spiritualized meaning in his own mind when he used the word fåkkai in his marketing.

For Roman, fåkkai represents the spirit or soul of the local people – the life force inside us that propels us to keep living and to overcome all challenges and to thrive.

I know this because I asked Roman about it. But I am putting into my own words what I think Roman means. If you want to, ask Roman yourself what he means.

I can see how he could make this connection. By the 1950s, to fåkkai someone was to tear them apart – a show of power. In Roman’s mind, fåkkai is that indomitable spirit that empowers us to handle life’s challenges. It was a new meaning. And, to symbolize how new it was (and is), he also gave the word his own unique and stylistic spelling : fökai.

Thus we see how languages change.

From “distribution” to “break apart,” with an uncomfortable similarity in sound to an English curse word, to “indomitable spirit.”

The thing is, no matter what the dictionary says, the meaning of words depends on what the community says.  Even the dictionary will add new meanings to old words because the community has adopted a new meaning to old words like “gay” or “sick.” When something is good, some people call it “sick.”

And a community does not arrive instantly at an agreement what words mean.

There will still be many Chamorros who will never accept alternate meanings of the word fåkkai; not even the original meaning! For them, fåkkai will always mean only one thing…..to physically damage someone.

And, believe it or not, there are still older Chamorros, here and there, on Guam and in the CNMI, who still know the original meaning of the word.

And will Chamorro speakers ever adopt, in big numbers, Roman’s spiritual meaning of the word fåkkai? Time will tell.

One thing is for sure. His use of the word fåkkai on his shirts and other items for sale have put the word right smack in front of our faces, and has caused a negative reaction in some; bewilderment in others; and (unfortunately) apathy in others. For them, fökai is just cool. Or, is it hot?



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Use the Force!

This phrase has been popularized all over the world by Star Wars but the concept of the force is nothing new.

All throughout history, people have come across certain things like ki (or chi) in martial arts, and a concept of God in spirituality. It’s been depicted as something cosmic, something magical, and even something divine.

All of these things dictate unseen elements that make the impossible possible and places the seemingly unattainable into the palms of our hands.

After thinking of so many things that have defied reason and science–we cant argue the fact that there are somethings out there far beyond rational explanation.

This is something we’ve always believed in and leaned towards. Weve made so many mistakes in our growth as a movement, a company, a family, and a clothing label; for whatever reason–were still around. Sinceeversince, we’ve always felt some extra help. For whatever we couldnt come up with up front, we searched for within, and if still we couldn’t find it–we’d pray for from above. And the Lord, whoever that might be keeps coming.

Inside and outside of FokaiIndustries, we’ve all been put here for a grand purpose. We are fortunate to find that through our line of of work and we can’t deny the calling for us to serve.

As human beings we are mortal, as mortals we’ve almost felt that our limits as men put things far beyond us. And in many cases, most of us have given up. For most, this seems true but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Its this will, this “force” that advances us as a people.When things get tough we pray to a higher power and quite often  in mysterious ways , something a “force” comes to answer our prayers. Even when our eyes are open this thing hiding up front seems easy to identify but  it’s still something difficult to organize properly into words. Like the air we breathe, even though invisible it proceeds to give us life.

In a world outside of Hollywood theatrics,It’s a whole lot more than moving things with your mind. Understanding this and trying to come to the best of terms with fully is a lifetime pursuit and challenge, but its definitely worth the effort.

For the good of man and as strength for the weak– its a pursuit we believe in and  are happy to standby.

In everything you do– for better not for worse,May the Force be with you.e


PS. Don’t give in to the Darkside!



Foundation: Rebuild Marianas

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By Katy Galimberti, AccuWeather.com Staff Writer
August 7, 2015; 10:00 AM ET
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Once-Super Typhoon Soudelor pummeled the island of Saipan in the Western Pacific ocean on its path to Taiwan and China this week.

Soudelor slammed Saipan with the intensity of a Category 2 hurricane on Sunday night, local time. Winds were measured up to 105 mph as the storm hit. However, winds may have been stronger than those reports, AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister said.

“Soudelor was going through a period of rapid intensification as it passed over Saipan so even stronger winds may have occurred,” he said
In Saipan, a U.S. commonwealth with a population of 53,000, fierce winds and drenching rain left a trail of damage…


Cultivate the spirit: The Wim Hof Method

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Something to share for serious life enhancement and for the good of mankind. Wim Hof convincingly and selflessly reminds us that breath is truly the key to life



  1. 30 times balloon blowing
  2. Breathe in fully
  3. Breath out fully and hold until gasp reflex
  4. Inhale fully and hold for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Repeat until finished
  6. Take 5 minutes to relax and scan your body

These are the basic steps in getting started wit the Wim Hof method, where Superhuman abilities are made possible through a comprehensive breath training curriculum with cold water training

Looking at victims and patients of cancer and other ailments, it seems that the medication for one makes you sick with another.

This is the unfolding story of a man and method that aims to teach us all that the cure is inside us

Over time, we, as humans have developed a different attitude towards nature around us and we actually forgot one thing, “inner power.” This is the relationship by our physiological mechanisms to adapt and survive within our natural environment, which is direct and effective.

Because we wear clothes and control the temperatures at home and work, we have changed the stimulation on our body, thus the old mechanisms related to survive and function. As these deeper physiological layers are not stimulated anymore we have become alienated from them, thus our bodies have weakened and we are no longer in touch with this inner power. The inner power is a force accumulated by full awakened physiological processes. It also influences the very core of our DNA

Wim Hof , Wim Hof Method



  • Boost Your Immune System To Bulletproof Yourself Against Sickness
  • Become A “Super” Version Of Yourself In Just 10 Short, Life Transforming Weeks
  • Learn Ancient Techniques In Combination With Modern Cutting Edge Strategies
    To Increase Your Health And Wellbeing
  • Hack Your Body Using Cold Therapy To Feel Energized During The Day,
    While Sleeping Like A Baby At Night”


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Often folks will ask what this abbreviation is for and why we often place it into design.

For the educated ,its obvious –this is an abbreviation for Guam’s latitude and longitude for 13 degrees North 144 degrees East.

We added this to our campaign as a recommendation from a longtime surfing brother,  founder of Freedom Surf clothing cmpany and owner of Lotus Surf Shop, -Fred Mendiola.

13N144E is our mark on the world as an island. Its  a beacon to share where we come from.

And a reminder that even a tiny dot in the Pacific has critical position in a much larger world.

Culturally, we are blessed to come from a dignified people, and a lifestyle intimate and in tune with its natural environment. Geologically we are gifted to be in the situated  inside of an impressive exhibit of mother nature. Cosmically–we are  positioned within the vortex of some ridiculously awesome things.

We are at attention to a greater calling. Though far from perfect–Guam’s a great and blessed place We have a good people. And it’s hospitality is the living  legacy of its great ancestors. We believe in these  graces. we are confident of this lifeline. Through 13N144E We are happy and honored to share this on the world’s table







Missing in Action/Found in Adventure

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Hafa Adai,

Not too sure if anyone follows this blog anymore –with good reason. Its been more difficult to maintain than anticipated. Tons of things have happened since our last post and the reality of it is that while we wanted to created ablog that would share everythign from product development to life adventure.we got so caught up in deveopling product and adventuring in life that we have miserably  failed the viewers to share these experiences…to share THE FORCE.

In this aspect–at this point, it would seem that the Force that we preach is actually weak with us. Or isn’t it?  At this day and age of technology and social media, it seems that nothing is rea unless we have a photo, or unless its posted online,. the gravity and value of what we seem to do is measured by hw may likes or how may followers we have on Facebook and Instagram.

Thought these services were created to connected people together from far away distances in the cyber workd, the overuse of these powerful tools has instead succeeded in disconnecting people from each other in the physical world.

It is a pity that it is growingly more common to find groups of people traveling at times miles to be with each other but spend the majority of their time together staring into their cell phones. and whats even more pitiful is that this is in many places–acceptable behavior

As Natalie Merchant says “These are the Days” and as Bruce Lee says “Be Like Water”.

In the midst of this dissatisfaction, however, we have to remember that the internet was in large created to service mankind. not destroy it. It truly is a powerful tool. taking into account is that the keyboard is a powerful medium for people to express themselves we should at least give it that much credit.

Where many months would have passed and even more miles that would have to have been traveled  from scores of the most capable of  men and often with casualty to get a message across an ocean–A message now can travel all over the world SIMULTANEOUSLY with this developing magical device called a cellphone–in seconds, in the hands of a child.

With all there is to gain in this photo sharing, post-liking, instagram following world–we area t best to remember the words of another friendly neighborhood famous man

“With great power comes great responsibility”.

Who am i to bitch when im as guilty as charged. With that being said..welcome back to the diary of a madman. but first–let me take a selfie


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Gaining confidence: Elite Muay Thai School instructor Brogan Walker, center of back row, is shown with some of her students at the Chalan Pago community center, where classes are held. One of her students is Ysef Neth, who stands next to Walker on her right. Ralph T. Rivera/For Pacific Daily News
Gaining confidence: Elite Muay Thai School instructor Brogan Walker, center of back row, is shown with some of her students at the Chalan Pago community center, where classes are held. One of her students is Ysef Neth, who stands next to Walker on her right. Ralph T. Rivera/For Pacific Daily News
Written by
Ralph T. Rivera
For Pacific Daily News

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With domestic violence grabbing headlines and bullying in school a constant concern for parents, it’s become somewhat of a challenge to seek out ways to combat these issues.

That changed for many individuals when Muay Thai practitioner and kru (instructor) Brogan Walker stepped foot on the island and set out to build a program that teaches students the many positive aspects of the martial art. Her pragmatic approach focuses on character building and physical fitness.

A native of California, Walker finds life on Guam very enjoyable. She began her martial arts career as a student of karate. She later began training in Muay Thai and has since added jiu-jitsu to her list of martial arts credentials. She opened the Elite Muay Thai School more than a year ago and by all indications has been highly successful in teaching the martial art to dozens of her young and adult students.

“I’ve been training in the martial arts for a very long time and can’t see myself doing anything else. Opening up my own school has always been a goal of mine. Martial arts is my passion and teaching kids the art of Muay Thai is very rewarding.

“Teaching kids can be very challenging because of many factors, but that only motivates me to work harder. I want them to learn the history of Muay Thai along with paying homage to the art. At the end of the day, they learn something valuable and that really is the goal of my program,” said Walker.

There’s a proverb that personifies kru Walker’s approach to helping her young students, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

The monthly fees at Elite Muay Thai School are relatively reasonable. Ysef Neth, 12, of Ordot, was highly interested in joining a class, however, his family lacks the resources to pay the fee. Enter good neighbor and family friend Eloise Sanchez. After hearing of the family’s dilemma, Sanchez took it upon herself to pay the fee for Neth.

When asked what motivated her do this, she responded: “I sensed his desire to join the class and from my personal experience, knew kru Walker’s program was a good fit for Ysef. I felt that he had the potential to do well in the class and that is why I wanted to help. He’s a very respectful young man and the benefits he is receiving from Muay Thai will be with him for the rest of his life, and it will help him to grow into a strong citizen, so to me, that was worth the investment.”

Neth enjoys the many aspects of Muay Thai. He especially likes how it teaches him to gain the confidence in avoiding trouble in school. He said that practicing the martial art was not a means of learning how to fight; rather, he looked at it as a way to build self-confidence and mental toughness, traits that help him to make wiser decisions in dealing with whatever difficulties he encounters.

“I like coming to class because kru Walker is a good instructor. Not only does she teach us how to kick and punch, but she also talks to us about the importance of staying in school and how to handle situations that happen in and outside of school. I learned that you don’t have to fight to prove you’re tough and that avoiding or walking away from a fight is the right thing to do,” said Neth. “In this class I’ve learned confidence as well as being humble. It’s also fun because kru Walker makes it a fun class, but also a disciplined class. I like it here and I hope to do this for a long time,” he added.
For women only

In addition to providing instructional classes to kids and adults, kru Walker also has a women-only class that she holds on Saturdays. These sessions are relatively new, and kru Walker encourages women from all walks of life to come out and participate in the sessions. It brings health and wellness benefits that are essential in living an active lifestyle. The instructional classes are predicated on the importance of helping women build self-assurance along with teaching basic self-defense skills.

“Part of the reason (for having a women-only class) was because of discussions I’ve had with family and friends about the domestic violence problem on the island.

“I think it’s time for the community to unite and put a stop to not only domestic violence but violence overall. My goals are to teach them to defend themselves as well as help them build self-confidence,” said Walker.

“By teaching them these skills, they can walk about with a sense of confidence that they will be able to handle any situation,” she added.

For more information on Elite Muay Thai School, contact kru Walker at 929-0993 or visit her website at www.facebook.com/EliteMuayThaiCamp.

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