What is Fokai FSHARP? | Good Vibrations. Resonate.

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Fokai FSHARP | Good Vibrations. Resonate.

All throughout history from stories of the famous and fabled Atlantis to the Great Pyramid of Giza, and with places ancient civilizations in between, FSharp has been noted as a frequency and vibration that would send positive and productive energy throughout the land and to the cosmos.

Cultivating elements of the oldest island chain of the Pacific. F Sharp is the Mariana Island’s celebration of island life

Developed in the warm tropical climate and water-based lifestyle of the people of Micronesia,  From the workplace to the impact zone, We have synergised a performance-driven and fashion-forward product as Guam and the Mariana Islands contribution for positively rooted Island Luxury Goods.

Good Vibrations. Resonate.


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