Brief of Beginning of FOKAI

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1. How did “Fokai” begin, and who were the important names behind the start of your brand.
Fokai Started as a seed planted in surfing and sprouted in Martial Arts. Important names were Roman Dela Cruz, Patrick Fleming, Steven Shimizu, and John Calvo

2. What year did you start up, describe how you started up and why, and what was the look of your first piece of merchandise?
We were conceived circa 1991 but started mid 1997. A bunch of guys looking to put a quality local label behind quality Guam ventures

3. How much did they sell for? Who bought them?
15dollars a t shirt. Friends and family, friends of family, and a family of friends

4. What influenced the brand then, and what continues to influence it now?
Perseverance and Initiative for sure but largely–The positive landmarking of Guam, the cultivation of Guam, The growing standard of quality apparel. I think now were also raising our standard of product. years int he industry and exposure to the world industry have us paying attention to finer details as well as setting higher goals for our merchandise. partly for the brand and just as importantly for our supporters.

5. Where has Fokai reached out to? California? Japan?
Saipan, Philippines, other parts of Asia, Japan, Bali,Hawaii, California, Ireland,
Different sports and athletes? anything that involves sacrifice and spirit
Competitions and charities?
Have had some ventures into the Hip-Hop subculture and Drift Racing 
Have taken a larger role with the Cocos Crossing, Marianas Open, Rollapalooza in the Philippines, and some Martial Arts events in Europe, Hawaii, and California etc.

6. When did you establish the first Fokai shop, and how have you guys grown now? i.e. fokai femme.
Moved in there October of 2003. Put a stronger team behind the label establishing Grasshopper Inc and Started a Japan office and shop in 2005. Opened up a Shop in San Diego in 2006. Opened our second flagship store in 2008. Most recently opened FokaiFemme in December of 2009

7. How does it feel launching the fokai femme brand and the new location?
The financial pressures are definitely there. But our main shop in Tumon was a bit too small. we had merchandise in the back that we couldn’t even display in the front. We wanted to give more attention detail to our women’s and children’s line and thought it would best happen by the beach. FokaiFemme needed to grow in its own light so we thought moving it not too far from Home base would help the situation.
Loving the new location. the structure itself is a reverse layout of Shop 1 and its on the opposite side of the same building. so in a sense, in this new venture, we can literally express another side of Fokai.

8. whose been a big help for you the last few years?
God imminently. but Carlo Dela Cruz, Stephen Roberto, Tony Anderson, Hideaki Shiina, Enson Inoue, Wayan Kurniawan, Ryan Johnson, Steve Shimizu and Families,Richard Chou, Kie SusuicoGuam Shipyard, Purebred Lloyd Irvin, Undisputed, Spike22, WaveHouse, Ralphy’s, Marty’s, etc. with a Capitol ET and C. the list goes on.

9. what is the target trend of the brand (customer wise: i.e.: college kids on vacation, military personnel leaving the island, tourists) and what is something most people may not know (sponsorships of sports, japan brand/cali brand, etc).
No target trend. we just try to do what we love and celebrate the human spirit as best in fashion and function under proper inspiration and at our capacity
. In the end we want to deliver a sincere and quality product and label that well represents our movement and island

something to know?
we want to help save the world


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