Marianas: Capt Fokai @ Saipan’s Grotto

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Captain Fokai Grotto Saipan

Captain Fokai Grotto Saipan

The adventures of Capt Fokai Grotto Saipan

The adventures of Capt Fokai Grotto Saipan

Grotto Saipan View

Grotto Saipan View

inside to outside view Saipan Grotto EYE

inside to outside view Saipan Grotto EYE

Magical place!

The Saipan Grotto!

Way of Life w/ Martial Skills Blog Visit Site

Martial arts existed before as a means of survival and self defense, then somewhere further down the line it became along for competiton, fitness, and glory.

Lloyd Irvin,Friends, and BudoVideos break it down to basics int his interview when the Secret to Lloyd Irvin’ss success is partially unveiled in this solid evidence that the many paths of martial arts can truly be life enhancing.

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For those who might be curious,even for those who aren’t–we just wanted to share with you the reason we chose Captain Fokai as our mascott…

Captain Fokai has never been any single person–it’s actually the imperfect symbol and personification of the fokai spirit that exists in everyone. that is why teh Captain lives behind a mask.and yes–in many ways..he is aspiring to be a super hero.

TheCaptain Fokai360Collection is an ongoing  project that has been going on for the past 4years–since the birth of the CaptainFokai mascott–it’s a master compilation gathered from different representatives around the world to bring everyone into our experiences in travel and at home, in victory and defeat, in living and learning.

It is a standing invitation to encourage folks to explore and pursue opportunities outside of the box–as well as to help us get a better perspective of whats personally current..hopefully to help pave the way for our better future captured by the undying pursuit of self-improvement and life celebration.


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A Captain’s  Tour Down the Astra Catwalk with Enson Inoue and Friends!






Congratulations Duane Taitano of GhettoFabrications and 671Motorsports

DeJaVu from April 13th, 2008


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QuarryP1011304StoneHengeDSC00503 Coliseum





1 has revamped and as you can see that we’re aiming for a video-rich site.  Always,Always,Always a work in progress, TheEffect is Working closer with Chris Caffarelie of EyelandProductions and JohnnyH of 66degrees to deliver our very appreciated guests a deeper and more detailed look into the adventures of Fokai on home turf and overseas.

Look forward to in-depth features into FokaiEntertainment,Guam and Spirit-Forward ventures of the Familia from the eyes and ears of the Captain, the hands of the evergrowing family, and the voice of the ever-eccentric man known the world-over as Johnny H.

Original Features of the OldSite Still Stand:


REDBELT LINKS: Blogs of the FRiends and Families.

MEMORY LANE: TheLostArchives of

VIDEOS WILL BE UPDATED FREQUENTLY. You will be accessed directly to the most recent 8 Videos. all the archives will be hiding in Memory Lane.

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The Daily Blog is the blood of and carrys oxygen to all the corners of Planet Fokai. Columns on your right hand side of the screen position the key posts into their respective categories.


Lots in work for 2010. Lots of room on this bus! We hope and trust you enjoy the ride! Thanks Sincerely,

the guys&gals@fokai.

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