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TheAftermathConversation after FrankURCC Philippinesk Camacho’s defeat in theURCC Philippines


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FamilyThingSPNRome Hafa Adai Brud !! I met this family Sat morning @ da Dededo Flea
Market . There from Saipan here for the weekend .. Talk about its a
Familia Thing

There the Bolis Familia – 670



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After an abrupt transition from the sport of golf and with a very early introduction to Mixed Martial Arts competition, Frank Camacho wowed the CNMI with intense performances in the cage and ring.

In 2006 at only 17 years old, and less than 2years of training, Camacho was able to secure the Mariana Island’s first official MMA title with a devastating win over former Philippines URCC 185lb. Champion Fritz Rodrigues. Instantly setingt the Mariana Islands a convincing position in the Asian/Pacific MMA equation.

After many impressive MMA victories distributed within TrenchWarz,RitesOfPassage, Premier XTreme Combat, and Geran Haga, In 2007 Camacho later went to face UFC veteran LuigiFioravanti where despite suffering his first career loss, in a last minute fight against a top level performer, Camacho did better than widely anticipated offering a glimpse of the future of Guam’s evolving MMA potential.

A return to competition after a year of training with the world renowned LloydIrvin Martial Arts Center, Camacho delivered a highlight performance against one of Guam’s premeir fighter athletes Ryan Bigler, and then a week later suffered disappointment with his first KO loss against Caloy Baduria in URCC in thePhilippines.

A year and a half later, Camacho made his debut into mainland US MMA against James Jones in the Ultimate Warriors Challenge for an internet broadcast that gave him publicity for over a half million online viewers. it was his best performance to date against arguably his most formidable opponent in front of the largest live and viewing audience in what  couldve been called the most significant fight in his professional MMA career--and he won in high fashion with an impressive KO victory. when we most awaited his return to MMA, Camacho took a step back and ventured through MMAs softer yet most capable feature Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Following is some dialogue with2010 Mens 181lb.(MedioDivision) BlueBelt Division Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion:

Sorry Rome if I wrote a lil too much! hahah Awesome Questions bro!

**So tell us in summary-your path to the world championship.
-”All the blood, sweat, and tears!”
The path to the world championships was a super good run! Not complaining about the super hard training, the blood bled, the hard work put in, the tears, and all the injuries leading up to the 2010 Mundials. I love it! My wrestling coach, Jim Kelly, showed me this video of Tom Brands talking to a bunch of wrestlers and he said something in these lines… “SACRIFICE?? This is not sacrifice if you love what you’re doing! Its just a set of things that MUST be done for maximum results.  If it is considered ‘sacrifice’ then you don’t love what you’re doing and you are making yourself suffer.”
It was a great run! I enjoyed it! I learned A TON of stuff! It was the first time working with strength and conditioning coach D’Angelo Kinard 3 times a week. And Ive never felt so strong and in shape in my life. We were training for the Mundials early part this year.. around Feb-March. It was a BJJ Training Camp straight on through ALL THE WAY to the 2010 Mundials in June. We had inbetween tournaments like the local Grapplers Quests/NAGAs, Pan Ams, NY Open, and the Brazilian Nationals (for a couple of the competitors). All in Preparation for the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships (Mundials). It came out real nice.. Team Lloyd Irvin closed out divisions, and had something like 7 World Champions.
I got to experience the “tears” part of the saying. You’re training real hard.. with the rolling, with sparring, getting tapped out left and right, and you are just having one of THOSE days. It gets real frustrating during training because you’re putting in a lot of time with your strength and conditioning and your drilling and when you have one of those days… It can get to you! A couple times after practice I would go to the back room and just think about WHY I’m doing so horrible and start balling. I mean, I started crying from all the frustration of not doing well during practice. I know CRYING doesnt help, but it got THAT frustrating… It Happens! Then it comes down to, are you gonna quit? or are you gonna use what you learned turn that energy into positive energy and get better? It gets rough! That led up to the 2010 Mundials.
“All the Blood, Sweat, and Tears!”
My Path to the Worlds wouldn’t have been possible without Team Lloyd Irvin and Master Lloyd! I cannot go on without thanking my Team! I have the best training partners that dedicated 100% of their time and effort to not only do well at the Worlds but to help their teammates like myself excell! The power of a Great Team. Rome & Fokai Industries! Cuki & the Trench Tech Familia! Josh Castro with ZengZung! Jose “ByTheBay!” youre the man! Mom, Dad, Leslie, Ton, and Aiden (lania Aiden boy you’re only 1 years old and getting a shout out already! haha), family and friends! Thank you! And the people of the Marianas! You’re my drive!
There wouldn’t have been 2010 BJJ World Champion Frank “The Crank” Camacho without you guys!
Si Yu’us Ma’ase para todu hamyu!
**now–your path from the world championships…
I had a list of food prepared for me to DEVOUR after the 2010 World Championships! hahah. It took me a full week to do so! BBQ, A LOAD OF RICE, Cold Stone ice cream, the biggest burger i could get a hold of, fries, taco bell, and the list goes on!
So… 10lbs later Im back to training… Still working on my BJJ. Im looking forward to wrestling more, and Im super stoked about starting to box! Some good, hardcore, straight up, 137% PURE Boxing! I cannot wait to add this to my Game. Ill keep you all posted with training.
Still & ALWAYS a student of the Game! So much to learn!
**Just a few weeks ago, your former instructor, Cuki Alvarez read the future by guaranteeing future world champions.
CUKI!!! You Called it sir! hahah. I’ve heard him say that a couple of times. And Im glad to be proof of his vision. But mark my words… This is just the beginning for the Marianas! There are so much other fellow Chamorros kicking A*& in the world of sport fighting. I admire that! Its a different lifestyle to choose. Definitely stepping out of the box. Hats off to you all!
If you have the very first Trench Warz Fight Night DVD you gotta find the part when Cuki says… “Watch Out World.. We’re Coming to Get Ya!” Ok.. so most people laughed.. Some took it seriously, some took it as a marketing strategy. BUT…. a few years later all the way across the world at the George Mason University’s Patriot Center in FairFax Virginia I said the same exact thing after my UWC fight. “Watch Out World… We’re Coming to Get Ya!”
To my fellow Chamorro Brothers and Sisters out there doing their thing… Go Get IT! Please dont let anything or anyone stop you or slow you down from reaching your GOALS! Turn negative into postive, Stay Humble, Be Fearless, & remember the place you call home.
**What role do you see BJJ in your MMA and what role do you see MMA in your BJJ?
People tend to forget how MMA was built. I will avoid the history lesson but we gotta remember what started the UFC. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! In that being said BJJ playes a huge role in my MMA game. Although it playes a huge role, I cannot say its playes the main role. The evolution of mixed martial arts has been so crazy, we must all work all disciplines. Ground, TakeDowns, Striking. But I wouldn’t mind having a SICK BJJ base! ;) I gotta admit too… The gi has grown on me…
Starting off as an MMA fighter then putting on the gi was hard at first. The grips, the heat, the EVERYTHING lol! But the mindset I’ve gained through MMA and my fights has helped me so much with BJJ competition. I wouldn’t trade anything off for what I have right now.
**A while back you had a big win in UWC. People saw this as an opportunity to continue your MMA career–what made you shift gears back to BJJ?
Skill Set Skill Set Skill Set! Not only am I at one of the best BJJ Schools in the World, I need to build my skill set to idealy be the “complete” fighter. The level of competition is so high right now in the UFC. There are Olympic level wrestlers, BJJ Black Belt World Champions, and experienced MMA practitioners that have been fighting for years in today’s competition. I don’t want to jump back into the MMA fight scene without feeling ready.
It was hard at first taking off the fight scene to work on the skill sets. Before my UWC debut I had a year and a half lay off and was hungry for an MMA fight! I wanted one SOOO BAD! Now I understand and see the what needs to be done!
**Do you still train and have aspirations in MMA?
Come On!!! What kinda question is that? Hahah.
At the age of 15 I fell in love with MMA. And at the age of 18 I decided that this is what I want to do with my life. Everything I do, all the disciplines I train in, all the different competitions I compete in, is for MMA. I do MMA anytime I can. I was doing MMA during the BJJ Training Camp. Mixed Martial Arts is so beautiful. Its the purest sport out there! Man to Man! I do what I gotta do to win the fight, You do what you gotta do and lets put it all on the line in 15-25mins of pure FIGHTING!
Through competition can you really get in touch with the true You! And competing/fighting in Mixed Martial Arts (the purest sport in my opinion) can you really know and learn about YOURSELF!
**How Did it feel to face fellow Chamoru in the quarterfinals of the event?
First off I would like to thank Mike Carbalito (idk if thats how you spell his last name) for giving me my toughest match at the 2010 Mundials. HOLY MOLY was he tough! It was an honor to fight him in the quarterfinals. Thanks chelu Mike!
It didn’t really click till you asked me this question Rome… Out of all the competitors in my division fighting for the Gold, a fellow chamorro gave me my hardest fight! WOW! thats freaken awesome! hahah… (I’m not taking away from any of my opponents. I learned so much from them all and had to play my A game against all of them. Thanks guys!) It amazes me how the Chamorro people are in a way an endangered species. There are only so few of us on the EARTH!! lol… correct me if Im wrong but Census recorded 150,000 some chamorros? Dangg there are more Sperm Whales out in the Ocean that are considered high risked extincted animals than there are Chamorros. lol. We come from such a small place, and It was an honor to run into fellow Chamorro Mike and battle it out. It was a great feeling seeing a fellow chelu there and giving me my toughest fight!
**Team Lloyd Irvin is making a lot of noise in the BJJ World these days. What do you have to say about training so closely with a BJJ World Revolutionary?
This question leaves me speechless… I cannot explain in words how much of an Honor & Privilege it is to train with Team Lloyd Irvin under Master Lloyd Irvin. It is awesome to be surrounded by Champion Minded training partners with positive vibes!
I am truly being watched over by a Great Power above!
**So tons of people know stuff about Frank The Crank, anything you might wanna say about Frank Camacho?
Frank The Crank Camacho is my “Ring Name.” People say I’m mean, aggressive, violent, and these other stuff when the bell rings. I am who am during that particular time because I have a job to do and I go out there and DO IT!
Outside of BJJ, MMA, and competition I am Franklin B. Camacho. My family call me Kiko, Kikoman, Frankie Boy, Frankie… I am you’re 110% Chamorro Island boy!
1. I would wear my zorries 365 days a year! (if my mom will let me use it to church. Hahah)
2. I will kill for some Estofau!
3. I believe swimming in the Ocean is part of Life. Spiritual therapy!
4. Party invitation 6:00PM… I show up 7:30PM hahah
5. I wish the best for my Island. Give back to the Marianas what the Marianas has given me.


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Femme for life. Thank you to everyone tagged. You have played a big role in my life. Be it body, mind, spirit, it’s a way of life! hussssssssAmandaJohnson


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Dear All,
In light of all the recent arrests that have been taking place the past few weeks; Alex Castro on Guam, Derick Rangamar, Maitai  Charley and Kelvin Fitial here on Saipan and more importantly, having the Media associating them with MMA, Randy and I have decided to be pro active and take action for their actions….(That’s the most “actions” I ever used in a sentence!
But, It is because of their actions that we are now forced to be put on the defensive. Jason said it and hit it right on the dot when he said he is getting all the complaints and flack from the community because they (The community/public) automatically associate the MMA fighters who are violating the law with TRENCH TECH! I think that they shouldn’t even be associating these guys with MMA at all, but the truth is, THEY ARE ALL MMA FIGHTERS! It saddens me, but as I mentioned in a previous mail, if you break the law, you pay the price.
We’ve all been to the Hill already and had a Public Hearing on MMA. There wer WAAAAYY more PROS than CONS…but there were CONS and our very own MMA fighters who participate in our events are adding fuel to the fire with their criminal actions. The people who know MMA are smart enough to know the difference between MMA and TRENCH TECH…but for some odd reason, in Saipan, MMA IS TRENCH TECH!
Now for the record, we should understand the difference between being arrested for a crime and being convicted for that crime. I’m no lawyer but you are innocent until proven guilty I guess is what I’m trying to say. Nevertheless, the fact is crimes were committed and arrests were made and witnesses were present.
TRENCH TECH has been working closely with the Department of Public Safety on setting some strict guidelines and rules for any and all MMA participants who are involved or are convicted on crimes and violence. I have attached a copy of our RULES AND REGS for everyone’s reference. There is a clause on fighters who have a pending case and so forth. We just need to re-word it and start enforcing it to the fullest.
Officer Jesse DuBrall from DPS has mentioned that they are more than willing on helping us anyway they can to put a stop to all this. Although we simply CANNOT babysit everyone who causes trouble, what we can do is make them responsible for their actions and either suspend them indefinitely from MMA events or Ban them for LIFE. If that’s what we MUST do, then so be it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 0 and 10 fighter….I won’t mention names- RICK “TOO SLICK” SAN NICOLAS or reigning SUPERSTARS like Alex or Kelvin, we will enforce our RULES!
Since we started this whole MMA movement on November 26Th of 2005 with the innagural TRENCH WARZ 1- FIGHT NIGHT, we have been practicing what we preach- and that’s “CREATING FRIENDSHIP THROUGH FIGHTING”. Certainly, we are by no means perfect, but come on guys, we don’t see Frank “THE CRANK” Camacho, Jason “RUSH” Tarkong, Ken “KAMAKAZI” Tanzawa, Jeff “THUNDER” Cloud, Kato “TISINIA KETU” Kato or even myself on the front pages too often…unless it’s for ANTI VIOLENCE events we involve ourselves in.As LJ “THE FINASISU MESTISU” Castro stated in one of his letters- TRENCH TECH does Secure IT (SECURITY and BOUNCING) at the two most pupolar night Clubs in the CNMI. I dont mean that in a condescending way to anyone but you get the picture.
So for the record, let it be known that I am officially starting a ZER0 tolerance campaign in allowing trouble makers (convicted criminals) from fighting in any and all TRENCH TECH Promotional events from here on out. Please send me your thoughts on this. It has always been in our contracts, but now we just have to ENFORCE IT TO THE FULLEST.
Yours in MMA,

ustis F. “Cuki” Alvarez

P.O.BOX 503833
670-483-4MMA (4662)


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‘Achievable timelines’

Monday, 22 February 2010 01:08 by Mar-Vic Cagurangan | Variety News Staff
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THE schedule of Marines’ relocation from Okinawa must be adjusted to a “more realistic” timeline, U.S. Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia said Friday, citing the barriers that hamper the troop realignment plan including Tokyo’s unclear intention toward a 2006 pact.

The Marines’ transfer to Guam has been programmed to accelerate in 2014, but the Japanese government led by a left-leaning coalition has yet to decide in May whether or not to stick to the agreement the United States made with the previous administration in Tokyo .

“Let’s just be a little more straight up about what is achievable by 2014 and what is not,” Webb told a press conference at the Hilton Resort and Spa on Friday, concluding his weeklong Asia-Pacific tour.

“The difficulty obviously is that we cannot act in a complete way until the government of Japan clarifies where they are on the initial agreement that they negotiated in 1996,” said Webb, who spent two days in Tokyo before coming to Guam and Saipan last week.

“They set their own deadline; they can come forward with their decision but I am hopeful that we can clear the air and move forward so we can realign,” he added.

Besides Tokyo ’s tentative disposition, Webb acknowledged that Guam is not ready to handle the stress of the military buildup that will result in a population explosion. He also noted the growing protests among Okinawans who want their island to be completely free of military bases.

“There is a sense of unease among the civilian populations of Okinawa and Guam,” said the chairman of East Asia and Pacific affairs subcommittee. “We need to have an open discussion about what is achievable in 2014 and what is not.”


As for another possible relocation site for the Marines, Webb suggested that the United States maximize the use of Tinian , an option that has been floating since the CNMI government offered it up as an alternative camp for half of the 8,000 troops who will be deployed.

The draft environmental impact statement for the relocation plan identifies Tinian as a training site for the Marines’ war exercises.

Webb said the island must be considered for an expanded use in order to lessen the pressure on Guam .

“We could be doing more in Tinian and not just in terms of firing ranges,” said Webb, a former combat Marine in Vietnam . “As I was examining this years ago, I was of the belief that we could put permanent reconnaissance units in Tinian .”

As for possible land acquisitions on Guam , Webb rejected land grabbing by the military.
“I am very sensitive to the fact that one third of this island is owned by the military and this is a small island,” Webb said. “If there are additional lands to be acquired here, I don’t believe it should be acquired by eminent domain if they are to be acquired at all.”

Webb noted the need for the United States to understand the limitation of space on Guam . “We need to put that to the forefront; we need to make clear that we recognize the need to address the sensitivity of the people here on Guam ,” he said.

More money

Webb also agreed with local officials that the federal government needs to invest more outside the fence.

Under the fiscal year 2010 federal budget, Guam stands to get $734 million for military constructions, but only $50 million has been allocated for the Department of Defense’s civilian spending and $1 million for the Department of Interior’s Guam program budget.

“Everyone on Guam understands that if we expand the size of the U.S. services, all community services are going to be stressed,” Webb said. “I believe the U.S. government should be spending a lot more money in terms of funding the infrastructure here on Guam as it relates to the buildup.”

He wasn’t happy with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s rejection of the Port Authority of Guam’s request for $50 million aid under the American Recovery and Rehabilitation Act.
“I already called on President Obama to find $50 million for the port issue,” Webb said.

At any rate, Webb believes the repositioning of U.S. troops, “if properly done,” would be beneficial to the United States , Japan , Guam and the Northern Marianas .


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Meditation on Inevitable Death Should Be Performed Daily.

Frank The Crank Camacho PXC 12 CutFrank The Crank Camacho PXC 12 Cut

For the Title of this blog! It may help, it may not but just think about it. Dying is inevitable! It will come. Knowing that your time may come may do great things for you or bad. Its your choice!

Whatever your “Fight” is, “Fight” till the end!

“Real Strength, Power, and Heart can’t be given… It must be taken!”

I just finished watching the Enson Inoue Highlight, one of the very few videos I watch almost every night before bed. He is a Fighter! Never gives up! Till the end. I remember reading something about Enson and he said “Everytime I step in that ring/cage, there is always a chance of dying! So a broken arm or going to sleep is really nothing!” WOW! I mean, what do you say to that! I admire the way he thinks, his heart, and the way he fights. Till the death!

It stopped snowing and finally got two training sessions in today. We had our Strength & Conditioning with Coach D’Angelo and we had some good BJJ sparring at 6:30. I’ve been training here at Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy for over 2 years and its always an honor to roll with Master Lloyd. Its amazing how much I learn in just 20 minutes of sparring. All the tilts, the angles, the….. EVERYTHING! Its an amazing thing.

Master Lloyd asked everyone what we wanted to do for BJJ training today. We all gave our answers, “We want to roll!” He responded, “SUBMISSION SUBMISSION SUBMISSION!” Now thats all I’m thinking! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art. It is used to stop another body! I need to program my mind so when I roll or compete, I must SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! Fight to WIN not Fight not to Lose! Go for the finish! I may be up 10 points and its 30 secs left. “SUBMISSION SUBMISSION SUBMISSION!” Do the Art!


It was an amazing day! This 6 days at home made me realize how valuable training time is.

We’re Rockin n Rollin! ADIOS…

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