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TheFokai: FistofFury award is a salute given to individials/organizations commited and in action towards the goodwill and honorable service of martial arts and its positivie contributions to the people–

it was awarded to TrenchTec Saipan and its positive steering of the worldwide growing sport of MixedMartialArts competition.

TrenchTech/PurebredSaipan was unfortunately set afire by an arsonist two weeks ago. The cage was burned, the mat was burned, and all teh equpimpent was left destroyed. But something the fire couldnt destroy was the will of its members.

Fighting fire with Fire…TrenchTech Saipan will rise again.  The fire of Saipan martial arts is truly UNstoppable.Best of Luck and Here to support for the Ressurection…



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